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Delve into the fascinating world of Vitamin D and the emerging concept of sun-charged water with our comprehensive online recorded course, "Vitamin D & Sun Charged Water: Myths vs Facts." Designed for both health enthusiasts and professionals, this course demystifies popular misconceptions and sheds light on scientifically backed truths.

Understand the critical role of Vitamin D in our health, its sources, and the implications of deficiency. Learn how sun exposure contributes to Vitamin D synthesis and the factors influencing its effectiveness. Furthermore, explore the intriguing notion of sun-charged water, examining claims and evidence to distinguish fact from fiction.

Led by experts in the field, the course combines engaging lectures, real-world case studies, and interactive Q&A sessions. By the end, you will gain a nuanced understanding of how to leverage natural resources for better health outcomes and debunk prevalent myths with confidence.

Join us to enhance your knowledge and make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

What will i learn?

  • Understand the Importance of Vitamin D
  • Identify Sources of Vitamin D
  • Evaluate Sun Exposure Strategies
  • Explore Sun-Charged Water Concepts


  • Open for All

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